I [saund] n
звук, шум

The hall is bad for sound — в этом зале плохая акустика.

Is that OK for sound? — Звук хороший? /Со звуком все в порядке?

Spoken words are built up of sounds. — Слова в речи складываются из звуков.

There is more sound than sense. — Много слов, но мало дела

- loud sound
- throaty sound
- warning sound
- vowel sounds
- articulated sound
- speech sounds
- first sound
- languid sounds
- various sounds
- flat sounds
- explosive sound
- human sound
- sad sounds
- suggestive sounds
- jarring sound
- poor sound conductor
- traffic sounds
- country sounds
- wide-range sound
- whistling sound
- sound barrier
- sound communication
- sound effects
- sound absorption
- sound damper
- sound department
- sound track
- sound engineer
- sound assistant
- sound wave
- sound signal
- sound recording
- sound editing
- sound of rain
- sound of the voices
- sound of drums
- sound of birds
- sound of doves' cooing
- sound of gunfire
- tinkling sound of a slot machine
- speed of the sound
- with a rasping sound co
- with a sighing sound co
- burst with a rumbling sound
- dance to the sound of music
- hear the sound of foot steps
- imitate a sound
- kill the sound
- like the sound of smb's voice
- record the sound of the human voice
- reduce the sound
- reflect the sound
- run in the direction of the sound
- shut the door without a sound
- speak with a nasal sound
- start up at the sound of bursting bombs
- turn the sound up
- utter a sound
- wake up to the sound of the clock
- sound of the orchestra is peculiar
- sound of music faded
- sounds grew louder
II [saund] adj
1) здоровый
- sound in mind and body
2) здравый, разумный
- sound argument III [saund] v
звучать, издавать звук
- it does not sound English

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